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We are a modern European freight forwarding company with hundreds of professionals working daily by organizing delivery of the goods in Europe and all over the world! We care about quality and time of cargo delivery.

Our principles goes with satisfaction of our clients, great cooperation with our subcontractors and being great place to work for our employees.

The Hero You Deserve! delivery of goods in Europe and around the world every day!
 modern freight forwarding company with hundreds of specialists for organizing the delivery of goods in Europe and around the world.

Business Built on Solid Rules

Our company was created on the philosophy that expects our constant work for excellence. This idea is in our hearts when thinking about all aspects of our business and is supported by values helping us to navigate our daily tasks. 

We love to search new routes, test new solutions, learn from our customers, and look for progress. We treat each other like family, with respect, welcoming diversity, and strongly supporting sustainability wherever we can.

More Than Just Numbers

Over 360 specialists from 5 countries located in 19 offices in 19 cities makes our most valuable resource – our crew, who with our great drivers and superb partners and subcontractors creates value for our client. Those are just numbers, but beneath them, there are incredible people, high quality of services and willingness to co-operate, making together business we all want to be part of.

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  • 360+

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From A Needle To A Rocket

To manage such a big variety of loads, we keep on ensuring the best quality of clients cooperation, with good understanding of their need, their specific requirements and ensuring clear processes where they are involved.

  • Pharma & Healthcare

    We have experience and accreditations to transport medicines.
  • Industrial & Manufactoring

    We transport parts, components, semi-finished products and raw materials.
  • Food & Beverage

    We work with food and beverage producers.
  • Chemistry

    Liquid chemicals, ADR and other requesting special precautions.
  • Electronics

    From small size objects to large machines.
  • E-commerce

    We are partner of top e-commerce companies.
  • Retail

    We know how to cooperate with retail chains.
  • Fashion

    On-time and safe transport for fashion industry.
  • FMCG

    All type of transportation to supply your goods.
  • Automotive

    From parts, components to car transportation.

Your Certified Partner

The quality of our services is confirmed by certifications of ISO run by TÜV NORD. We are holding certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, standing for quality management in the company, our care for environment and focus on health and safety. It proofs our standards and making us trustworthy in areas of provided services.

Our rewards and achievments

Our local companies continue to achieve remarkable milestones. Proud to showcase our recent awards and achievements that reflect our dedication and great results achieved by our teams.

Eco As It Is

Anticipatory driving

Before driving for our company, the drivers undergo meticulous driver training along with a 6-month trial period, where they share a cabin with an experienced driver. 

One of the top subjects at the training is the importance of driving with foresight. Being careful and safe on the road is a triple reflection of everything sustainability stands for: our driver is safer and traffic accident numbers decrease, our truck will consume less fuel and consequently produces less pollution. 

Those metrics are improved just by a small margin per journey, but the overall effect is noticeable when we multiply it by the number of our vehicles and driven kilometers. 

Quality trucks

Our present fleet consists only of new Trucks (maximum 2 years old), which all abide by the latest EURO-6 pollution standards.

Smart route planning

Route planning reduces the total amount of kilometers and provides drivers with easily accessible rest areas in which are still enough parking spaces.

Its destination is close to the next objective or the designated break location of the driver. It avoids empty runs as often as possible.

The Potential Of Resources

Sustainability for us starts with thinking and planning the processes. We use resources needed for our processes with care. We also do our best to use renewable solutions and materials if only possible. 

ECO education is also in our mindset when creating office space and being involved in social projects.

Being Heroes Commits

Although we are an international, multicultural company it is our concern to be a part of local communities. It means for us, that we support local communities with social responsibility projects, but also our employees’ voluntary engagement, occasionally supported by us.

We want to be part of our cities, and we love our communities, so feel it is our duty to pledge more, to support and build long-term relationships.

Our marvelous people are collecting money for children in need to fund vacation activities, buy presents on Christmas, or food and accessories for homeless pets.

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