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Load transportation services are most important for us.
We offer a wide range of possible solutions for our clients and great opportunities for cooperation for our carriers. Join us to transport loads, we do our best you feel satisfied with this partnership.

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The Hero You Deserve

We are a modern European freight forwarding company with hundreds of professionals working daily by organizing delivery of the goods in Europe and all over the world! We care about quality and time of cargo delivery.

You Can Count on Us

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Advantages for Carriers

With us

Searching for new clients

Supervising drivers and routes optimisation

Guaranteed mileage (upon agreement)

Fast-payed attractive rates

Trailer rent with no deposit required

Personal manager support

Access to value-add services

Your Trucks Can Do More

We know how it is to develop a transport company. We are struggling same challenges each day, yet richer with our experience we want to join forces with you.

Have you been thinking of possibilities for growing your business? We are eager to offer you unique conditions of cooperation.

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  • No Pallet
  • Guaranteed mileage (upon agreement)

What’s Like To Have A Hero On Your Side?

We work hard every day to be the best possible partner for our customers, suppliers, and employees. Looking for excellence in all provided services makes us a valuable company for clients.

Wide Range Of Services

We can offer all types of transportation. Customers from various industries entrust and forward with us a wide variety of loads. We are delivering all types of goods and products from our key sectors.

  • Pharma & Healthcare

    We have experience and accreditations to transport medicines.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

    We transport parts, components, semi-finished products and raw materials.
  • Food & Beverage

    We work with food and beverage producers.
  • Chemistry

    Liquid chemicals, ADR and other requesting special precautions.
  • Electronics

    From small size objects to large machines.
  • E-commerce

    We are partner of top e-commerce companies.
  • Retail

    We know how to cooperate with retail chains.
  • Fashion

    On-time and safe transport for fashion industry.
  • FMCG

    All type of transportation to supply your goods.
  • Automotive

    From parts, components to car transportation.
trucks with loads
  • Portrait of the manager of Express Heroes, Mr. S. Mozgovoi, wearing a dark jacket with a white and blue shirt, standing with his arms folded in front of a green background
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  • Portrait of the manager of Express Heroes, Mr. K. Hriaznov, wearing a dark suit and dark shirt, with a serious expression on his face, standing in front of a green background.

Looking For A Job?
Become A Hero

We are waiting for you! Have you ever been thinking about a career in logistics? We are open to those of you who have no experience, want to change an industry, or got experience, but want to become our hero!

We operate in over 19 offices, in 5 countries, with over 360-people team. We are so proud to have them all here, as they are extraordinary, diverse, and very powerful people. Still waiting also for you to join!

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