Cooperation offer for international transport for GVM/VAN 3500kg

We would like to offer You a complex service of loading your vans throughout the countries of the European Union. We will take care of the truck from  the very beginning,  starting from the city of your  location. There is no need to sign a contract to cooperate with us.  We send  every order separately with our standard conditions.

What we expect from the carrier

  • 8, 9 or 10-pallets GVW/VAN up 3500kg trucks, also with tail lift;
  • Required minimal height of the standard van is 2.20m, with a possibility to load form the back / side / top;
  • GPS, a smartphone with internet access;
  • Flexibility, being able to complete transports in most of the EU countries.

Information about the cooperation

  • Preferable working cycles: min.4 weeks or longer;
  • The truck is taken care of by a dedicated forwarder;
  • Average mileage from 12 up to 13 thousand km/month;
  • The length of the transport is determined based on post codes in maps from «Google maps», the carrier in a messenger app of his choice (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype etc.) is given information about the distance calculations before carrying out the transport;
  • Every kilometer is payed (empty or loaded);
  • Payment Term 14 Days after receiving scans of the documents ( POD+invoice).


Prices for the loading from Poland and to Poland will vary depending on where your company is located. If the cooperation continues successfully – we can negotiate the price after a certain period. If your van truck stays in France for more than 24 h we pay an additionaly 30 euros

For more  details or any other questions,  please contact us:

Express Heroes Sp. z o.o.
Forwarding Department Maksym Gławnicki
PL 80-554 Gdańsk, Ul. Śnieżna 5
Tel: + 48 500 167 614 

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