Groupage Service

Groupage Service

“Express Heroes“ is purposefully and consistently developing the international consolidation of LTL cargo. This is our daily routine. The minimum load is not limited and the maximum load is at least slightly less than a full trailer.
We collect partial loads directly or through partner terminals throughout Europe and deliver them to recipients in the Baltic States, Finland, and the CIS countries.
An extensive network of partners allows us to boldly take small cargoes or collect them from several different points.

Why choose us:

  • Competitive prices and punctual delivery times;
  • Daily cargo collection;
  • Express service;
  • Constantly updated information;
  • Flexibility.

We will take care of your shipment from anywhere in Italy, even if it is Sardinia or Sicily (also south of Switzerland included), and deliver it to the Baltics, Finland, or the CIS countries. Parcel sizes can range from a matchbox to a full truckload.
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