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Cargo Insurance

What is cargo insurance used for?

As a general rule, carriers’ liability insurance only covers damage where the carrier is at fault. That means if carriers’ fault is not established, the owner of the cargo can experience losses due to cargo damage or when it’s lost.

Cargo insurance provides comprehensive protection from sudden accidents, reduces the business risk of the owner of  cargo and provides trusted financial guarantees, that losses will be indemnified for damaged or lost cargo in the event of an insured event.

Cargo insurance will be applied to:

  • Cargo on board;
  • Reasonable expenses to reduce or avoid losses incurred.

    What is included in cargo insurance?

    If not agreed upon differently, the insurance protection includes:

    • Traffic accident on the road;
    • Theft;
    • Third party illegal action;
    • Natural disasters;
    • Other insurance protections, which is agreed upon in advance.

    What are the benefits of insuring the cargo with H brokers?

    In addition to feeling safe, that your damages will be indemnified in the event of an insured event, the owner of the cargo (policyholder / beneficiary) receives:

    1. All-risks cargo insurance, therefore in case of cargo damage or loss you won’t have to worry if the method of damage is included in the insurance coverage. In that case, the mere fact that the loss was incurred in the carriage of the goods and that there is no need to prove the liability or the nature of the liability of the carrier or of any other person will suffice;
    2. Comprehensive assistance and consultation in the event of an insured event and a complete cargo damage administration process managed by H Brokers with the help of a team of more than 10 qualified and experienced lawyers in this field;
    3. Competitive premium for cargo insurance, since we believe that by constantly communicating and maintaining good relations with insurance partners – we have access to the most favourable insurance premium rates on the market;
    4. Effectiveness, since we aim to provide an answer regarding the amount of the cargo insurance premium as soon as possible after receiving your request by e-mail: info@hbrokers.eu

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