Hero’s Benefits

We provide you wide range of benefits. Some of them are coming from the job’s nature itself, others are to emphasize our willingness to reward the magnificent job our employees are performing.

Our company is constantly developing. That also means we do our best to deliver the best work conditions and bonuses for Our Heroes.

Check below how we are supporting our team members’ growth. Join Heroes Team! Grow with us, improve your skills and get additional rewards.

Employees are getting benefits for reaching goals
employee  makes decisions on important issues

Interesting And Responsible Work

All of our employees have the opportunity to make decisions on important issues, influence their own results, and see their contributions reflected in the overall success.

Career Development

Our company gives great opportunities to move up the career ladder. The main thing is the desire to work, to earn and to move forward. It is equally important to show high results.

Happy employee  who got promotion
A motivated employee who is preparing for new challenges


You will never stay in the background, if you bring value and results in your activity for the company. There is a system of motivation for all full-time employees, which evaluates the quality and results of their work.


Employees are provided with training from the very beginning that will allow them to handle their work successfully. In the future we provide improvement of qualification level and professional development. 

Training of Team
Boss and Employee are shaking hands

Your Very The First Start

We take not only experienced specialists, but also people with a great desire to work. If you have no experience in logistics, but have a great desire to work, learn, earn good money and prove yourself – we are ready to teach you!

Work In A Professional Team

You will be welcomed by an experienced team leader and mentor, who will help you adapt to our team and teach you how to work in a professional manner, according to company policy and standards.

Professional express Heroes Team
International Forwarding Department

International Forwarding Department

There is an attractive bonus system in the department of forwarding, thanks to which the salary of forwarders directly depends on the results and quality of work. We do not set upper salary limits – everything depends only on the personal desire and skills of the expedition department employees. Our salary offer is unique in the market.

Corporate Parties

Our employees can not only work effectively, but also have a great time. Twice a year we gather employees from all offices in all countries and celebrate together, have fun and have a good time. This happens on New Year’s Day and Express Heroes Birthday. Throughout the year we constantly organize other corporate events, but on a smaller scale.

Corporate party game
team learns foreign languages

Foreign Language Trainings

Foreign language skills are here highly valued. We provide comfortable conditions for learning and improving the communication skills of our employees with the clients.

We Do Not Stand Still

Comfortable working conditions of our employees are important for quality and productive work. We do not stop at what has already been reached, but introduce and develop new opportunities to improve working conditions.

Happy team
Employees of Express Heroes are discovering new social package

Extended Social Package

  • Compensation for commuting to work;
  • a pleasant surprise on birthday;
  • receipt of gifts: wedding / birth of a child;
  • bereavement support;
  • payment of mobile communication;
  • a modern equipped workplace;
  • compliance with occupational safety requirements;
  • provision of free lodging for newcomers for the first time.

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